Phasers set on Funk - gig recording with Doctor Octave and Corey Wong

It was a great time at this funk gig for the launch of a collaborative album by Doctor Octave and Corey Wong (Vulfpeck) - I had the chance to shoot some footage (all the closeups here and GoPro footage) before passing it on to the band to edit and upload.

Sometimes it’s fun just to shoot and pass on the footage, especially when the evening is so darn funky!

Watch the live video here at Kicktarter.

Filming with St Christopher's Hospice

I had the privilege of working with the patients, staff, volunteers and executive team at St Christopher’s, a hospice based in Sydenham, London, late last week. With two days to film 9 interviews with a diverse group of people across the huge building, we also had to capture reams of Steadicam footage to help build the story of this video and truly build the narrative.

On site, I was assisted by Katie and Emily from the St Christopher’s team, who helped me to assemble our numerous interview subjects, build trust around the building ( you can’t just wander into any old ward with a Steadicam rig) and assemble the right shots for the right moments.

It was a blast working with them and creating some fantastic raw materials. I can’t wait to delve deeper into the footage and start building something special for them as part of this 90second to 2 minute ‘flythrough’.

Filming Cory Wong and Doctor Octave for a music video

Working with this amazing 18 piece funk band has been such a joy and their inspiring, rich sound was fun to capture. Plugging straight into the huge record deck via an XLR and getting the best possible quality sound was a fun first, as were the 3 Go Pros we hung up, around and amongst the band, who performed brilliantly.

Cory Wong of Vulfpeck was there right in the heart of things, with Doctor Octave leading a band consisting of experienced session musicians and a young brass section including a Young Musician of the Year. It was a fantastic night and I’m looking forward to turning timecodes into track listings soon.

In the woods with a Canon C100 MkII and a Canon 6D

The more chance I get to dive into the C100 the more impressed I am. With the right combination of lenses and lighting you can get a super sharp, super resolved image that almost bats with 4K without the ridiculous file sizes (my hard drives hate 4K). It’s superb and even though I love my Canon 6D as a back up and secondary camera, it looks remarkably soft in post and even in 1080p.

I tried to get around this by putting an ND filter on the Samyang 85mm I was using and stopping down to f4 (the lens can get to a mighty f1.2) but to be honest it made barely any difference. It looks like my 6D will be staying as my go to shooter for images and stills but a new secondary camera will have to be winging its way to me soon!

PechaKucha talk from 2017

So, a few years ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the De La Warr Pavilion to take part in a Pecha Kucha talk - 20 slides sequentially and non-stop with just 20 seconds per slide.

It’s a fast, fun format and I wanted to discuss an unusual project I had taken on at the time; a documentary photography project taking in all the steps and staircases leading from the promenade or boardwalk to the sea on the coastline from Hasting’s Old Town to Bexhill on Sea. This 6 mile stretch held more than 100 unique coastal features for moving people up, down, forward and backward. So why not talk about it for 6mins and 40 seconds?

Listen below:

New vlog: Office space and 3 great new clients

This vlog takes in 3 client projects I'm currently working on:

  • A publishing company's Kickstarter

  • An art gallery's educational video

  • A hospice's work in communicating their mission It's been an exciting year so far and we're barely into it.

Plenty of great conversations with clients and some exciting work already in the diary for the year and for this month. Take a look at the video on YouTube and let me know what you think.

Filming a Kickstarter video for a publishing company

Exciting client project with a publishing company based in London and Kent, Graffito Books, creating a short Kickstarter video to help raise funds for a new book revealing more about the life and social circles of famous Surrealist Salvador Dali.

New office space

Where to start?

 As of 2019 I'm officially in business full time! It's been a hugely exciting start to the year and part of that excitement has been moving into new premises near Rye, East Sussex. 

 The converted barn space that I now call mine is perfect for my needs; light, space, interesting new co-working friends and a roaring wood burner tucked by the door. 


views from the interior across the fields 


my equipment awaiting shelving

Moving in and settling in to a new rhythm and a workplace outside of my normal 9-5 has been interesting and not without its challenges but I'm ecstatic at how the space has liberated my brain. A sense of clarity has emerged in this situation which is helping to fuel my progress - whether I'm renewing insurance or editing a trailer.


House sitting, London trips and surprises 🚆♥️

With a busy schedule and many projects on the go (Jerwood Gallery, Kickstarter for Getting, a wedding edit etc) I was almost annoyed at having to take a weekend to relax in a beautiful location in Kent, a house-sitting for friends. 📝💻

As part of my partner's work with Graffito, a street art publishing company, we were heading northwards by train to London on Friday to see a street art festival of which I hadn't heard. 

On the train I was grumbling a bit - I wanted to get to work on my projects and was anxious to start polishing them. I googled the street art festival and found out it ended in July. My partner quickly assured me that there were special 'sessions' going on today and that we would be part of the wrap up event (a chance to distribute books and get some great pictures). We had seen my parents for breakfast that morning in Rye and she asked if it was hard living 250-500 miles from all my family (Hull and Edinburgh). It didn't help my mood. 😂

We arrived at 2pm and, unusually, the street art festival wouldn't begin until 3. Would you like to go to a café and wait for a bit, my partner suggested. ☕ Being now both grumbly AND greedy I quickly agreed and my partner picked out something cute and quick for us... Cue THIS. ⭐♥️

My brother, who should have been 500 miles away, was instead sat gawping back at me in a café in Herne Hill in London!

Was it actually him? What a coincidence! How could a chance like this happen? It was almost like someone had organis.... Oh. Oh... 

 You don't get many chances to feel foolish and grateful at the same time so take them while you can. An incredible surprise from our partners (my brother's partner needed to meet her agent in London so had my brother seated there patiently, little knowing who would burst in the café door!) who made this an incredible birthday surprise and avoided suspicion by having it fall a few weeks before we turn 32.

 They're the literal best partners we could hope for and they made this weekend... even before they surprised us with an AirBNB in leafy Herne Hill, a visit from old friends and a trip to Brixton 02 to see Vulfpeck live. ♥️ Here's to matching that surprise for them in the future. 

a recent trip to London unearthed this fantastic graffiti in Herne Hill

a recent trip to London unearthed this fantastic graffiti in Herne Hill