In the woods with a Canon C100 MkII and a Canon 6D

The more chance I get to dive into the C100 the more impressed I am. With the right combination of lenses and lighting you can get a super sharp, super resolved image that almost bats with 4K without the ridiculous file sizes (my hard drives hate 4K). It’s superb and even though I love my Canon 6D as a back up and secondary camera, it looks remarkably soft in post and even in 1080p.

I tried to get around this by putting an ND filter on the Samyang 85mm I was using and stopping down to f4 (the lens can get to a mighty f1.2) but to be honest it made barely any difference. It looks like my 6D will be staying as my go to shooter for images and stills but a new secondary camera will have to be winging its way to me soon!