Filming with St Christopher's Hospice

I had the privilege of working with the patients, staff, volunteers and executive team at St Christopher’s, a hospice based in Sydenham, London, late last week. With two days to film 9 interviews with a diverse group of people across the huge building, we also had to capture reams of Steadicam footage to help build the story of this video and truly build the narrative.

On site, I was assisted by Katie and Emily from the St Christopher’s team, who helped me to assemble our numerous interview subjects, build trust around the building ( you can’t just wander into any old ward with a Steadicam rig) and assemble the right shots for the right moments.

It was a blast working with them and creating some fantastic raw materials. I can’t wait to delve deeper into the footage and start building something special for them as part of this 90second to 2 minute ‘flythrough’.