Hastings Contemporary

Hastings Contemporary launched its first Young Peoples Programme, ‘Young Artists’, in 2018. One of our goals was to give the young people involved as authentic an experience as possible; we wanted their learning journey to reflect the same process that the professional artists who exhibit their work here also go through. One of the key elements of that was creating a film which documented their process and their experience.

We required a filmmaker who was experienced, sympathetic to the constraints of working in a gallery space and who would really be able to connect with the young people involved and make them feel important and empowered. James fulfilled all of those qualities and we were very pleased to be able to work with him. He was familiar with the gallery and understood the pressures that small team here face. He connected with the group leader and the children and ensured that his work was never obtrusive or disruptive. The final film that he made was high quality and showed the programme off exceptionally well. The young people and the group leaders really enjoyed working with him and we would very much recommend him for any similar projects in the future.

John Murray, Education Manager


After interviewing several companies, we decided on James Bloomfield Photography to support our marketing activity.

We are an export-driven, business-to-business publishing company with an expanding list of titles selling into the US, Japan, France, Italy and Scandinavia. We asked James to create a movie for one our forthcoming projects, a coffee-table book on Salvador Dali. James suggested that as well as making the movie about the title, we could also help to publicise the company in general, so that we could use the movie in other contexts.

We took James up on the idea and James proceeded to organise every aspect of the production: location, script, lighting, shooting angles, sound. It was a highly professional and personable approach, that put everyone on the shoot – not all natural speakers to camera – at ease.

A few days later the final movie was delivered. James had handled all the post-production edit,  music sourcing and edit and titles. We were extremely pleased with the result. More importantly our clients have loved it and, with the help of the movie, we have found partner publishers for our Dali book in France, Germany and the USA.

Ian Castillo-Cortes, Publisher

InDiverse Company

As a start-up we wanted to raise awareness of the work our company was doing, and highlight the expertise our team hold as well as the global services we offer.

We wanted to work with someone who understood not only our business and priorities, but an understanding of some of the challenges we work with our clients on. James was great throughout the process, he offered insights and suggestions throughout the filming and editing to ensure we came out with final videos that reflected our company vision as well as clear messaging around our business ethos, goals and the services we offer.

We are using the final material for social media, marketing and our website. These materials will be something we will be able to use not only now, but also in the future as they’ve been created and edited in a future -proof way. We wouldn’t hesitate in booking James for future video and photography projects.

D. Whitefoot, Head of Strategy and Research

Dom and Jordi’s Wedding

We wanted to capture our wedding day in more than just photos. For us the wedding was about all of our friends and family who were there and the celebration of everyone being together.

James was almost undetectable throughout the day, we didn’t notice him filming at all, but somehow he managed to capture all the subtle moments between people and really captured something special and the range of emotions people felt throughout the day.

James produced a final video that is a perfect length, and is something we’ve easily been able to watch time and time again (as opposed to more traditional wedding videos that are hours long). The video really captures our very relaxed celebration so well, and will be the perfect keepsake alongside our photos and memories.

Dom and Jordi


cole moreton portraits march 2019-14.jpg

Cole Moreton, writer

I found James to be professional, diligent and enthusiastic about what we were trying to do. He goes the extra mile for the client and the results are beautiful. James took excellent portraits, which I have used for a national publicity campaign and on my own websites. I would certainly use him again.


St Christopher’s Hospice

Many people feel apprehensive about visiting St Christopher’s for the first time, it can be a daunting experience at a very difficult time in their lives. So we decided to create a ‘fly-through’ video of the hospice to give people a sense of what it’s like at St Christopher’s and reassure them that it’s a warm, friendly and welcoming place. 

James spent two days with us filming around the hospice and conducting short interviews with staff, patients and family members. James was brilliant with everyone that we filmed, managing to put them at ease and capture the essence of their experience of St Christopher’s.

We were very happy with the end result, which included the fly-through video and a series of shorter interview clips. The video is now up on our website and has also been published on our social media channels along with the interview clips, all of which have received a really positive response. I would definitely recommend James for any projects like this.

Katie Baulkwill, Digital Lead